Monday, February 23, 2015

OSCARS 2015: The Best Looks {& Why}

Another year of who's who. Another year of fabulous faces and over-the-top beautiful gowns. Another year at the Oscars. This was really no different from any other year of what we all glue ourselves to. Nothing super exciting or innovative. It's all blah, blah, blah. Really.

So the fashion, bad styles apart, is the what we wake up talking about. Or the ridiculously bad taste comments presenters tend to make... this year... a la Sean Penn and his insensitive and irresponsible statement about a green card handed to a Mexican. But I'll address that in a later past.

For now, after spending the morning perusing ALL of the gowns that went down the red carpet and beyond, these were my top picks. Mostly based on the gowns themselves, but also who she wore it and brought the whole look together. Sometimes, you can have an amazing dress but the hair and makeup don't complement its gracefulness; or fierceness for that matter.

In no particular order, here the modista winners and why!

J. Lo doesn't get it wrong most of the time. The 40-something year old has this natural super-glow to her that simply elevates anything she wears. We love her in jeans and oversized sweaters, but the flawless Latina always mezmerizes in a full length gown. This color also suits her really well. Keeps her young and fresh and allows us to focus on her gorgeous face. A bit too much cleavage for my tastes, but I'm certain her stylists know what they're doing. Her lips were a bit too bright and matted out but over all it worked with the delicate tone of the gown. Wearing Elie Saab Couture

Kerry Washington knows how to pick them. Yup. This gorgeous eggshell peplum ensemble screams elegance and refinement. It's classy and simple enough for her hair to be pin straight. The double textures make perfect sense and give the simplicity an effortless vavavoom. Wearing Jason Wu.

Emma Stone just did it all the way with the color, the lines of the dress and her hair. This gown is so incredibly vintage-style with a modern elegance, it deserves a perfect 10. Wearing Elie Saab

Lupita N'yongo was criticized for taking pearls to another level, but I thought an all pearl gown is both bold and creative. I mean, how did she sit all night w/out pearl dots on her bottom half? Oh, may! I love the detail and because it's white, the contrast against her complexion is stunning. She needs to stick to those colors. The only thing that would have made this dress better was to have a plunging neckline full of draping pearls! Wearing Calvin Kein. 

Meryl Streep is a bad momma. I find no fault in her. She could wear a drape and still look amazing. The 64 year old is one of few super feminine women that can rock a black and white suite and still command all kinds of attention. Wearing Lanvin.

Rita Ora stole my night with this unknown white gown while belting out her Six Shades of Gry number. It was so whimsical but also grown princess. She's only 24 so she's allowed to do that. The full gown is fell perfectly in the front to allow her super point shoes to be a point of interest, too! But her red carpet gown is the one to really talk about! Can I please have a reason to wear something so WOW bombshell gorge?! I mean, hello! It'a navy with gold accents! Her slicked back bright blonde hair did right by that fierce gown. I just wish those tattoos weren't so visible. Wearing Marchesa.

Gwyneth Paltrow is another one that just seems to know how to hire a great stylist. Much like her all white fitted gown with that sexy Super Woman cape a few years ago, this one is ultra sleek and simple with a big bold statement of a bow. A statement like that needs to be balanced with a subtle color like the pale pink she's wearing. It was delicate for sure. Wearing Ralph and Russo.

Rosamund Pike is the second gal to steal to my heart last night. Not everyone can wear red and not all reds are created equal. I thinks this Valentino Red lace gown reminds us of of how boldly intoxicating her Gone Girl character was. Did you see her insanity? Run, guy, run! This dress is screaming "I am here and I am staying." Good for her. Wearing Givenchy.

There were a few more great looks, but these were haute and too gorgeous not to mention! Jennifer Hudson, for instance was had a great canary yellow piece on the carpet. Loved it. Her performance look, not so much. Sienna Miller looked amazing her black gown also, but it looked a bit crabby on the carpet. Which is why these above were stunners all night long!

Tomorrow, let's talk about Birdman's win, the Latino director, and Sean Penn's comments.

Who were your faves?

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guide... The Last Minute Luxe Edition

If you're like me, Valentine's Day is a cultural enigma. I've never quite understood the purpose. I thought we were supposed to love every day and show/tell our loved ones all the time... show them how much we love them with our actions, reacting and those occasional tokens of love?! The idea of reducing it to one major commercial holiday has never made it to my logical mental space. But that's just me! I won't spoil it for you. It is a fun day, filled with tons of red, pink, roses, and chocolate.

I do love how we all throw ourselves into the romantic realm and go batty trying to find our loved ones something super special. I'll forgo chocolates and roses for the more unique gifts that aren't necessarily considered for every day.

Here are some perfect last minute gifts for the discerning woman in your life. Your mom, your sister, your sister-cousin, your best friend, grandma and even mother in law! If you're a guy reading this, think no more! Pick any one of these and your woman will be content! I've spent some time with all but two (5 & 6), and happily recommend as bona fide lovely tokens of affection... even beyond lovers' day this weekend!

1. Because everything Bobbi Brown makes is pretty. This newly released brightening brick seems like could highlight her blushing cheeks. $46. All counters.

2. Cashmere Slippers with Crystal Stars will relax her all the way. $158, Bluefly.

3. Chocolate on my face?? Yes, please! This is sexy right here. The chocolate soufflé mask is super creamy, not too aromatic (otherwise that would be too cheesy), and leave skin feeling incredibly supple. Not a great cleanser, but definitely feels great. $25, Farm House Fresh.

4. Aerin Rose de Grasse Parfum. This here. The best rose-smelling perfume ever. Not a garden whif, rather a perfect balance of floral, sensual and mature. Aerin has arrived on the scene of fine fragrances with this one. New this month. $185. or Nordstrom.

5. Diamond and Ruby Earrings. No woman will ever turn these down. Perfection. Bryant and Sons. Call for price.

6. Concorde Jet Plane. For the professional jet-setter, this sexy piece is a great homage to the retired craft which is so elegant in design and structure. $359, Restoration Hardware.

7. Vogue and MET book. Fashionistas and fashion history lovers need this on their coffee table. Replete with beautiful images and anecdotes to appreciate for decades to come. $55, Olive & Cocoa.

8. Oats Cashmere Poncho. Simply yummy on the body. Not much else to say. I have it in black and swear by it. $238, Neiman Marcus or Last Call.

9. Neroli & Orchideé Parfume. The simplicity of the Provence scent makes it lovely for every day wear. The orange notes are well-suited for any occasion. $75, L'Occitane.

10. Mink & Shearling Throw. Another yummy-to-the body must-have for getting cozy with your boo... or book! Soft, big enough for full coverage and really warm. A great deal on $25 from $85.

11. Agave Nectar Body Oil will make any woman feel right. Work, kids, stress, etc... will do us in. The smell alone will relax her. Love it on my hair, too! $16, Farm House Fresh.

12. Volupsa Champagne Rose Candle. Can we just have a life long amounts of this? This needs to have an internal flame! It's seductive but feminine, making it really special. A glass of rosé would pair well! Comes in a lovely packaged wooden birch box with pretty wrapping. $45, Olive & Cocoa.

13. ARAMA Oxfords. I just bought these 'Florian' shoes while in Tel-Aviv two weeks ago and just love. Classy, sturdy and really attractive makes for a great shoe. They're hand-made locally once the fashion graduate designer turns them in. These are timeless. $238, (only $7 to the US!)

14. 50 Shades of Gray OPI collection. I'm not a fan of the cult classic, but these colors are it. Go smokey to seductive in one hand! Bold and smooth colors are in this season. $9.50/each, OPI/ major department stores.

See my other gift guides for inspiration!

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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Beauty Buzz: Best of 2014!

I'm not sure where 2014 went... such a typical question to pose at the end of the year but it's a valid one. If the events of the preceding year were amazing, then the year surely flew by according the adage "time flies when you're having fun!" If it wasn't so epic, the end couldn't come fast enough. In my case, the former applies and I'm left totally baffled wondering where mine evaporated to! 

So many amazing things happened (like cooking with Carson Daly!; or talking food and wine with J. Lo on the Today show!; or going to Europe for 3.5 weeks!) and those amazing things also kept me from doing everything that I needed to do before 12/31. I did, however, allocate quite some time playing with some of my favorite things in beauty, fashion, tech, travel gadgets and more. And even though I spend most of my time on the road, traversing the highways and skyways, the true fun was experimenting with all of the beauty and makeup that came out in 2014.

I got my hands on at least 300 or so products but the real task was editing down to top 10. I featured some of my favorite finds in the luxe annual gift guide, but of everything I tried from January through December, these here were my favorites based on how quickly I went through them and my reorder. And, they just worked marvelously, honestly. 

Lancome always treat me right. I think they're more on the sophisticated end of makeup, but they work superbly well for every day. Their mascara still tends to be number one. But their new oscillating wand is major. It even converted my sister, the ultimate non-makeup person. She loves that thing. And that makes me incredibly happy.  And the cover-up stick is genius for dabs and dots here and there works natural wonders. I've been mostly using it for under eye and little brown spots after that unkind monthly visit.

Bobbi Brown never fails either. If for nothing else, her packaging and purpose. She is a master at rolling out products that benefit great causes, especially those charitable to women and girls. But her packaging is attractive. Look at her Scotch on the Rocks collection! Oohlala. The lipstick were gorgeous but the eye palette is everything! Have you seen that croc-embossed case?! Yes and yes!

And, noteworthy, L'Occitane's Aromachologie relaxing oil is opulent and luscious. I've been swearing by it since it  launched earlier this year. Among their other collections, which were great (the Almande!), this one just stood out the most!

Oh, and so many other amazing and really effective products made my 'I Love List;' too many to really share here, but these 10 above have been mainstays in my repertoire. Every one of them either enhanced my look, made my application process easier, or just made me feel good. And isn't that what a lot of this is about...

But, let's be real here. Of everything in the world I could possibly try, L'Oreal's True Match Crayon is the best thing ever invented. So much, I am frequently stopped and asked what under eye and spot corrector I use. That little stick is everything in my life. Everything.

There were a good 30 more I could get into (Shiseido foundation, Sothy's lipsticks, Bobbi Brown CC cream, Aerin's perfumes -- every single one of them, Smashbox eyeliner, Artistry Beauty skincare, Laura Mercier caviar sticks, etc..), but these were almost daily hits...even if they came out toward the holidays. 

1. Bobbi Brown Art Sticks
2. Lancome Oscillating Mascara
3. Nyakio Face with Kola Nut
4. L'Occitane Aromachologie Oil
5. Clinique Nutcracker Suite Collection
6. L'Oreal TrueMatch Crayon
7. Bobbi Brown Scotch on the Rocks Warm Eye Palette
8. Les Couvents Gardners' Hand Healer
9. Lancome Gold Glitter
10. Lancome Maquicomplet Concealer (honey)

What were your top beauty prods this year?? 

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Where is Santa?!

I stopped believing in Santa Claus super late in the adolescent game. My parents used to go all out, ensuring the five of us had a solid understanding of Santa's existence. They'd fill the chimney with all the perfectly-wrapped gifts and leave milk and Oreos out on the mantle. The trail of snow from the front door to the Christmas tree area was a clear indicator of Santa's entry into our home. Only, we never thought to notice if it had actually snowed for him to leave tracks! Children, I tell you. They'll believe just about anything.

30 years later, as in just last week, my mother showed me the house of our neighborhood "Santa" that used to drop off our gifts! As in, parents would drop off gifts to his house the day before and this burly old friendly man would take on the job of making every kids dream come true. I'm so serious and so tickled as an adult that they'd go so out of their way to keep a little dream alive!

And just a few years ago, thanks to the new generation of kids in our family, I got hip to Santa Tracker. Santa is this enigmatic figure that never dies. He lives on and on and on. He's got a purpose! And his mission never changes. The beautiful thing about this fantastical hero is the enormity of his job. He's got global reach. He's all over the world, spreading good cheer. Everyone knows Santa! And everyone wants to know where he is the night before! How does he make it to every country in the world in 24 hours?! What's his route? Does he stop for gas? Do the reindeers tire and need a break? 

Who knows, really! But, at least curious minds get to follow his exciting and very energetic path on the Santa Tracker site! My friends at OnStar  -- the most efficient travel and roadside assistance program out there --- along with NORAD -- North American Aerospace Defense Command (fancy organizing, right!) is bringing out the kid in all of us the 6th year in a row! Well, if you're a subscriber, anyway! 

If you have an active account, you can see Santa's trek right on your screen as of tomorrow morning, 7 a.m. (EST) Christmas Eve and through 5 a.m. (EST) Christmas morning. Request an update by hitting your blue OnStar button and an advisor will get you right there with the rest of world, wondering where Ol' Saint Nick is flying off to next! How awesome will your kids think you are by letting them see where Santa is as you drive over to Grandma's house for dinner? 

Or if you're crazy like me and doing some last minute shopping, keep the kids entertained while you try to keep things in order! If you're not near the car... say, you're at home baking, wrapping gifts or watching movies, have the kids call (877-446-6723) in or check his progress online. That's what my nieces and nephews do when they're having with Tia Bren... And since it's the season to be merry and giving, OnStar will donate $1 to United Way for Southeastern Michigan for every call placed and received. Talk about a wonderful Christmas gift.

Thanks to the advent of social media, we can all follow Santa's progress, really when he'll be in your neck of the woods, on Twitter or with the tag #NORADSanta. I mean, Santa is new age cool! 

Share your Christmas story with us! Does your family track Santa? Check out how Santa will be using OnStar this year on their Connected Santa page. He's up to something innovate! 

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This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms blogging program as an OnStar travel ambassador. The opinions and stories are true and my very own, always. Keeping it real!  
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Friday, December 19, 2014

Ugly Christmas Sweater Action... and Other Fabulous Christmas Cheer! {TV Segment}

I'm wondering when the ugly Christmas sweater became so infamous. It's ubiquitous and we just can't seem to get enough of the cheesy garment everyone loves to rock during the holidays. Bubble gum pink sweaters with reindeer antler and bells? Or how about the outdated red colored ones with fake grass and snow flakes permeating the front of the sweater? Yeah, those exist. Even Jimmy Fallon is taking advantage of their popularity! He's been giving them away on his Late Night show this past week. And I've been loving it!

I thought it'd be super fitting to rock one on my my latest TV spot, where I'd be featuring some of my favorite gifts to treat your loved ones to. I admittedly have no sense of humor but I've been in need of injecting some kind of funny in my bones. I knew my mom had a few of these ugly things so I went begging. And bless her heart... she spent a few hours sifting through boxes and boxes of her vintage stuff just to find one for me to wear. And, golden was the moment when the ugliest thing emerged from her closet. I got so excited!

But, it was a size large. The thing was already hideous, so a large would look even more ridiculous. I was so convinced I wanted to wear it, I had her take it in on the side and arms just to make it look a bit more presentable. At least for the camera.

I think the sweater was more of a hit than my fabulous Missoni pumps (paired with classic but edgy fishnets, no less!)... Though the small frames on each side were fun and festive, there's no way that sweater could have been well-received by anyone on your list! My mom loves it and has sworn to wearing it next week.

But, you be judge! Here's the holiday gift segment which aired yesterday on ABC Action News "Positively Tampa Bay!" And, I hope you love the items I featured, mostly my lovely new bags from L & Sons!

Check out more fabulous ideas from the brands I featured on their websites:

Happy HanukkahMerry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and a lovely holiday season to you!


Zara skirt, Missoni pumps, vintage Christmas sweater, bracelets by C.B. Herrera and Jam Jewels. 

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

B! Inspired Luxe Holiday Gift Guide, 2014

It's that time of year! We're merry, eating well, lighting our home with pretty décor, decking the tree, baking cookies for our neighbors, and checking out the sales, checking off our lists, and wrapping.

I've been so wonderfully busy working, mostly away from my home and office that I've not had much time at all to think about the tokens of appreciation and love I want to get for my family and closest friends. But in keeping with annual tradition of curating some of my favorite things or anyone in your life, I set to making the B! Inspired Luxe Gift Guide, happen! Last year's issue, shared here, was my first digital guide, so I've been really excited to share this one.

And while I wish I had given myself a lot more time to peruse, test, review, and decide on the best things for the discriminating person (because a month is just not enough!), I'm so glad I used the time away in Europe to inspire some of my findings.

From opulent gold accents for the home to high end flying objects for the guy in your life, and $700 gold tip booties for us, I mean mom, I hope you'll love what I've come up... your loved one will grin from ear to ear. I love every section, truthfully, but I love most sharing with you the things I use a lot! Like the L'Occitane products. Perhaps it's because I have a crazy affair with all things France... or just because they're Provencal ingredients are spectacular. They really have something for everyone. And of course,  since I travel 70% of the time, everything from the Wanderlust Life section excites me! Especially the black label Samsonite suite case. Oh, and the SOL Republic wireless earphones. Those things let me sleep real, real well on my 9 hour flight home from Brussels. I don't travel without anymore!

This season is about giving. But! If you have the urge to pick up something for yourself, don't feel bad! Sometimes we have to take care of ourselves just as much.

Tis the season to spread love and cheer! Remember to give and share time with those less fortunate than us! The true joy is in giving, not receiving.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and a lovely holiday season to you!

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List of Retailers:


*The Maille boutique in NYC is located at 185 Columbus Ave, (Columbus Ave and 68th street); and not Columbus Circle.

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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Avon, Reinvented

Affordable skincare. 
My upgraded Mark Swarovski barrel pendant on C.B. Herrera crystal necklace

Our "Avon Lady" has been MIA for over 5 years now. I know her quite well.... I went to school with her kids. Up until recently, she'd make her monthly visit to my mom's house and offer up her inventory from the global beauty catalog brand. I've not missed her presence so much thanks to the new cult image Avon's going on. Have you seen?

The brand has always been known for affordable beauty basics. And aren't we all familiar with mom and abuela's vintage jewelry -- like the classic owl pill case/brooch -- they kept so well maintained in their original packaging? I have the owl in my robust pin collection. No lie. I've not worn that little guy in forever, but I may allow him to make a cameo.

It's now 2014 and their presence is just as strong if not bolder. Their jewelry now has a name "Mark," appealing to young, sassy women looking for trendy pieces at affordable prices. Who knows... those pieces may be our daughters' coveted collectibles in 20 years. I'm not into trendy trends, so I found a way around their super cute Swarovski barrel from their late Summer collection. I took full advantage of my mom's jewelry studio and made a dainty graduated Swarovski necklace to swap for that lanky chain it came with. It's dressier, classier, but distinguishably Mark. For $50, I have a stunning piece I can wear with most anything.

For beauty enthusiasts wanting to be in the know of all things new and fabulous, their Anew Vitale skincare collection is designed to refresh and revive our skin. I've not tried it out yet but it's received some commendable reviews, especially for daily cleansing and eye depuffing (I'm still looking for the magic cream for dark circles -- though an increase in water intake has helped). My favorite though, remains to be their Skin So Soft body oil (I still have vintage bottles) and their new Haiku perfume which I wore most of late summer. It's the perfect scent for simple every day use. It's not what you want to wear on your first date or a black tie gala -- I'm more for classic scents like Jo Malone (hello, Basil) or Chanel, for those occasions -- but it's so pretty for a bit of dabbing in the morning or Sunday brunch with the girls.

And their lipsticks. Let's talk about that. I won't lie here. I keep one in my car drivers' door pocket. and swear by that tube. It's the perfect color (raisin or something like that) for when I forget my makeup bag -- which happens more often than I care  --- since my two "don't leave home without" prods are gloss/lipstick and mascara. And, unlike most brands claiming to stay on all day, I've had super fab success with their tints having enough pigmentation and strength to stay on at least 5 hours. Coffee and all.

Since their brand is pretty much all things feminine and basic necessity (with some fashion thrown in there), they've got something for vegan lovers and budget conscious. Their latest tote is a carry all suited for all the holiday and Christmas shopping we're doing. Compartments were the best thing invented in handbags. Lost keys and cell phones during an already stressed shopping environment is enough to make me stop for coffee ... in the mall... and who has time for that?!

Avon, reinvented. Gotta love classic all American brands that support small biz owners. Give your local Avon Lady a call and bring her some sales this holiday! There's something for everyone. I'm sure of it!


I love this little guy...via Etsy!

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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

B Chic! With These Fall 2014 Hat Trends

I had a moment this morning. I woke up thinking about my lifelong hat obsession. I started wearing them when I was 3 or so and have since then become a collector  of the head accessory. From flapper style from the 30s, to traditional church hats, to cocktail pill boxes, to masculine fedoras, and my mom's hand knit collection, I have a hat for everything. There was a time I had over 200 styles. And wore them all. I talked about it in this post with great passion! I've scaled back in the last 2 years but only because my hairstyle is changing and evolving. And if you know hats, you know you can't rock a hat with every hair style. Fortunately, I've got a hat head, so I've been able to get away with just about any style. 

And while my hair is the shortest it's been in almost 20 years, I'm committed to rocking my hats the way I love and used to. I was known as the "hat queen" about 10 years ago. I want that name back! 

Here are some classic and haute styles en trend this season as seen on tons of runways during fall fashion week; all of which we can don this fall. There's something for everyone. If you don't have a hat head or the guts (especially the big crowd attention grabbers -- the 15" fedoras and such) to pull off a larger than life brim, there's a topper for you. Even if it's a pretty knit one for every day wear. Sass it up. Make it yours. 


The quintessential French hat. I was just in Paris two weeks ago and noticed ubiquitous this ultra chic hat is still worn. Woman and young girls make this their uniform. And somehow, they make it work with everything from pant suits with a crisp white collar shirt to jeans and fabulous wedge sneakers. If you're on the edgier side, opt for a sequin one. Don't forget to droop it to the side. It's modern swag. Or the way it's always been done. 

Rodarte F/W '14


This is definitely for the bold-hearted. It doesn't go with everything nor does it belong on your "grab and go" hat stash. Reserver it for big days where you don't want to play dress up. Let this sky high fashion forward style carry the entire look. Colours like chartreuse are pretty but subtle enough to draw the right kind of attention. Long hair or oval-shaped faces look great in this topper. However you wear your hair, just don't be afraid to get the some stares. It's inevitable. Some cities in the US just aren't ready for this fabulous style. Carry on.

Tia Cibani F/W '14

I get it's not for everyone, but fur hats are the epitome of high fashion, glamour and luxury. I personally love the few I have and don't mind the crazy warmth they give. Old vintage styles were demure and paid attention to simplicity while modern design add extra oomph with ear flaps and extra large sizes, towering up to 6". In all their glamour, they are a staple in any fall wardrobe. Lanvin's '14/'15 runway show exemplified their trend by fusing furry accents into other styles. No matter how much of it, the fur trend is here to stay. 


This is the IT hat for anyone and everyone. Wether your'e into the fancy, feathered out styles or the more basic everyday ones, these are super easy to wear. Beanies, triangle types, flirty pompoms or slouchy looks snowboarders have popularized, knits are the basic basic. Consider it a starters'  hat. Totally effortless. Chic. No fuss. 


Channel your inner Downton Abbey character with a well-designed cloche. This is classy at its best. The all Americana vintage style never goes out of style and offers a level of femininity few other styles do. As with most hats, let it speak for itself. No need to adorn yourself with much more. It's a beautiful statement piece. And in cream... it's screaming, "timeless!"

Via Etsy


Fret not the bold look. The juxtaposition of  structured and bright just work. It completes an already beautiful look. This woven Marni hat, with its close resemblance to the famed Russian fur topper, is all about confidence and boardroom chic. 

Miroslava Duma in Marni hat

A fur felt fedora can be a girl's best friend all season long. A  causal or structure fedora will you your look a punch. It's that masculine touch we're all attracted to. It's a bold hat without being too dressy or laxidazy. Take a chunky knit swear or a light blouse with some skinny jeans and accessorize with a neutral fedora. Lotus green works too well with any outfit. It'll spice up any everyday look. I wear mine when I just feel like a fantastic accessory. It never fails me.  

Eric Javits fedora via Saks Fifth Avenue

Ronja Furrer for Vogue


A bit over-styled here, but the boho look is perfect for the floppy hat. It's so fabulously 70s. And so fabulously feminine. If you had to ask, it's probably the most beloved modern day hat. It's sexy, glam, and just all around perfect.  Maxi skirts work best with the iconic hat.  For fall, a fur felt or wool in neutral colors like cream, burnt orange, black,  or gray will go a long way. Go all the way glam or boho chic. 

Blogger featured in Vogue Italia

What's your hat style?! What are you loving on this fall?! 

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